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Shipping & Handling

Pokerhandel.be ships orders to Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Great-Britain. Shipping rates depend on the destination and the package weight according to this pricing table:

Belgium0 to 9.99kg€6.00
Belgium10 to 29.99kg€8.00
Belgium30 to 59.99kg€15.00
BelgiumOrders over €150FREE
Netherlands0 to 9.99kg€8.00
Netherlands10 to 29.99kg€12.00
NetherlandsOrders over €150FREE
Luxembourg0 to 9.99kg€8.00
Luxemburg10 to 29.99kg€9.50
Germany0 to 9.99kg€11.00
Germany10 to 29.99kg€12.50
France0 to 9.99kg€15.00
France10 to 29.99kg€17.00
Italy0 to 9.99kg€18.00
Italy10 to 29.99kg€20.00
Great Britain0 to 9.99kg€15.00
Great Britain10 to 29.99kg€17.00
Spain0 to 9.99kg€29.00
Spain10 to 29.99kg€30.00
Denmark0 to 9.99kg€16.00
Denmark10 to 29.99kg€17.50
Sweden0 to 9.99kg€21.00
Sweden10 to 29.99kg€22.00
Austria0 to 9.99kg€21.00
Austria10 to 29.99kg€22.00
Ireland0 to 9.99kg€18.00
Ireland10 to 29.99kg€18.75
Portugal0 to 9.99kg€38.00
Portugal10 to 29.99kg€39.50
Poland0 to 9.99kg€21.00
Poland10 to 29.99kg€22.00
Latvia0 to 9.99kg€21.00
Latvia10 to 29.99kg€23.00
Czech Republic0 to 9.99kg€21.00
Czech Republic10 to 29.99kg€23.00
Slovakia0 to 9.99kg€21.00
Slovakia10 to 29.99kg€23.00
Norway0 to 9.99kg€30.00
Norway10 to 29.99kg€32.50
Finland0 to 9.99kg€32.00
Finland10 to 29.99kg€33.50